If you offer any type of complex Shipping settings / Shipping outside the US - Please stop here and create your Shipping settings directly in Google Merchant Center.

This includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates
  • Weight-Based Rules or Freight Shipping
  • Rate Tables

After finishing up, you can click Send Feed to Merchant Center. Wait at least 1 hour before checking back. If the error persists, contact our team for further assistance.

Products That Are Too Heavy

Sometimes the Shipping error is produced by only a small subset of products.

We have seen this occur most commonly wherein that subset of products are too heavy to be shipped using your chosen Shipping provider / rates:

Merchant Center will indicate that the product is in fact Too Heavy and that a rate could not be calculated based on your provided settings.

You can add weight-based Shipping or a Shipping provider that can ship heavy items to clear this error.

You may also Remove said products temporarily to clear the error from your app dashboard.

Shipping Settings (US Only)

If the error exists in your Dashboard you can click Set Up Now to be taken to the Shipping settings.

Additionally you may click on the 3-bar navigation icon in the top left, then click Merchant Center, and use the Shipping tab to set up the following:

  • Name your Shipping Services
  • Select your Service Area (Country where packages are shipped from)
  • Provide your Transit time range
  • Select your Shipping cost typeFixed Rate: Flat rate you charge for all shippingCarrier-Calculated: Use a specific service? Select your providerPercentage of Order Total: Apply a percentNo Shipping: Only used for non-tangible goods (ie downloadable software/games)

If you choose Carrier-Calculated Shipping, you can set multiple Shipping settings based on select services such as 3-Day. Overnight, etc.

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