If you are currently using our app to send your feed for Google Shopping, that very same feed can be triggered for use in Shopping Actions as well. There is a “vetting” process that all merchants must go through to be approved to list products on Google Express, most of which is handled directly within your Merchant Center account. 

You should receive a primary point of contact on the Shopping Ads team and it is best to refer to them for assistance during setup.


You can now customize your feed and enable select products for Shopping Actions / Google Express!

Part of our recent feature launch, we have now equipped the Feed Tool with a new Modify Products feature specifically for altering your feed for Shopping Actions.

This add-on is $50/month and adds a new attribute so you can hand-pick products to be sent and sold on Google Express.

Please note that only eligible retailers, those who have already been approved via the Google Shopping Actions program, will be able to take advantage of this new feature.

How does it work?

Within Modify Products, a new attribute "Included Destination" will be made available upon purchase of the Shopping Actions upgrade.

You will then be able to build a custom filter to enable products for Shopping Actions and send this directly to your Google Merchant Center account.

Any products that DO NOT match your filter will be excluded from Shopping Actions by default as a destination.

This is an excellent way to control exactly which products are to be sent and sold on Google Express as opposed to building a separate feed.

I’m having issues tracking orders with the information Google sends to me….

We are aware of the limited order information merchants currently receive from Google when their products are purchased via Shopping Actions/Google Express.

Your Shopping Actions contact is the best source for further support on this, however we are aware that order information at least includes:

  • Product Name / Title
  • Product ID
  • Brand
  • GTIN
  • MPN

If you are unable to track orders because “SKU” is technically not provided, you can opt to use our platform’s Advanced Modify add-on to swap your current value for MPN to be the value you have for SKU.

This may assist in your ability to track and fulfill orders.

Additionally, you can utilize the In Feed tab under Add / Remove Products to:

  1. Filter Product ID > Match ID to SKU as imported from your E-Commerce platform

Google rejected half of my products for Shopping Actions

We are aware of an “issue” wherein product variants or products with the same item_group_id are rejected by Google due to certain criteria.

Our team has identified that Shopping Actions may not be able to accept product variants or options (BigCommerce only) due to:

Duplicate item based on matching attribute

This can include times, for example, when product variants all share the same Title without any variation of the text such as including a product’s unique color and size in the title.

With respect to this, merchants may be able to utilize our Advanced Product Modifier feed tool add-on to ensure unique values are passed to Shopping Actions.

For any additional questions or if you need further assistance, please contact our team via phone, email, or Live Chat.

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