IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have a Bing Ads account or Bing Merchant Center configured stop here and set those up first (see below).

After your Bing Ads account has been set up, you will be required to Create a store in Bing Merchant Center:

  1. Log into Bing Ads
  2. Click on Tools in the top navigation menu
  3. Click on Bing Merchant Center
  4. Click Create store
  5. Follow the steps in Bing Ads to complete the setup

Please note that it takes, on average, 2-5 business days for Bing to approve a store. Once the store has been approved, you will be able to use our app to generate a new feed for Bing.

Steps in S&O

If you were to want to add a Bing Feed manually start by clicking Add Feed from the main Feeds dashboard of your Sales & Orders account:

  • On the next page of the app name your feed and then select Bing under Target
  • A popup message will trigger automatically so click Bing Wizard

Once you have entered the Bing Wizard, click Let's Get Started to continue.

Have your Microsoft and Bing Ads logins handy!

  • Click Sign in with Microsoft
  • Log in to your account to Authenticate

Upon successful authentication the app will begin discovering your existing Bing Ads accounts automatically. If you have multiple Bing Ads you will be prompted to select your desired account to connect to:

  • Select the account you wish to link using the drop down menu
  • Click Save when ready

NEW STEP: We made a recent change to the setup Wizard to include an additional step 'Verify URL':

  • Bing requires that you designate the protocol for your URL > HTTP or HTTPS
  • Select your desired protocol and click Save

Once you click Save the setup will be complete and you can access the main dashboard:

  • Click Take me to my Dashboard to return to the main app interface

How has my account changed?

When you have gotten back into your Sales & Orders account, you will notice some obvious changes including:

  • Updated Feeds Dashboard: The dashboard will now have labels indicating the stats of both your Google and Bing feeds. You will also see the two feeds listed with the ability to now Send to Merchant Center for Bing. 
  • Updated Issues Dashboard: The Issues tab will now have segmented stats for both your Google and your Bing Feed. Additionally, there is now a separate Product Issues tab specifically for Bing.

How does my Bing Feed operate?

All the tools and features within your Sales & Orders account will now function in tandem for both Google and Bing. 

In other words, any changes, modifications, edits, etc. that you had been making to your Google feed will now piggyback to your Bing feed as well. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or email our team via

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