There are a couple of primary reasons as to why this may have happened:

Visible Products Only

The app only imports products which are set to VISIBLE in your store. 

Additionally, any products marked as Catalog / Catalogue Only will not be imported

BigCommerce API Limits

Typically, this only applies to merchants with significantly larger catalogs.

Depending on your BigCommerce plan, you are limited to a set number of API Calls, which is how third party applications like ours communicate with BigCommerce.

Due to this, our app is limited to the number of products it can import.

Additionally, BigCommerce is currently working on a server issue preventing some stores from importing all products by default. An update on this should be expected soon.

Product Import Did Not Complete

If this was your first time installing the app, you may have reached the Feeds tab and clicked Send Feed to Merchant Center / Send To Merchant Center too quickly.

This could have stopped Product Import from completing.

Are you seeing this issue?

Please contact our team immediately for further assistance:

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  2. Email us
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