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Our app will build a properly configured feed, or what is known as a Catalog, for use in Facebook Product ads.

Facebook differs greatly from Search Engine Marketing platforms like Google and Bing Ads and there are a few things to note before completing the setup wizard.

Proper Access levels

Before we get started, you MUST have the following access levels:

  • You are the owner or admin of your Facebook Business Account*
  • You are the owner or admin of your Facebook Ad Account
  • You are the owner or admin of your Business Page
  • You have an active payment method (Credit Card) for your Facebook Ad Account

*In some cases, those without an existing Business account may not have to create one, however Facebook support has indicated that this may become a requirement soon.

When setting up the app for the first time, you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account, also known as Authentication. Using the correct login with the correct access levels is crucial to being able to use the app properly.

Checking Access Levels and Users

If you have a Facebook Business Account, you can check access levels and permissions in the Business Settings section, see below for an example.

Note that if you are an agency or a marketer supporting a customer, your Facebook email must have the Admin access levels as listed above to properly utilize the app.

Creating Your First Campaign

Step 2 of the Setup Wizard will immediately allow you to set up your first Product Ads campaign. You must fill out all required fields to continue. 

After creating your first campaign, the app will immediately begin setting it up in your Facebook Ads account.

Once complete, you can access the main portion of the app which includes Catalog (feed) Management tools, Modification Tools, and Reporting.

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