If your account has already been triggered for the Legacy Google Shopping settings in BigCommerce, you do not need to use this tool.

Your original mappings will exist and be sent via the Legacy settings.

Category Mapping is specific to Google Product Categories in Google Shopping which is based on the Google Product Taxonomy Tree.

The app is pre-loaded with the entire Google Product Taxonomy, and the Category Mapping Tool is a simple and fast way to apply Google Product Categories to all of your products.

Please note that Google Product Category is REQUIRED for only select product types including: 

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing (1604)

Apparel & Accessories > Shoes (187)

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Sunglasses (178)

Apparel & Accessories > Handbags, Wallets & Cases > Handbags (3032)

Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches (201)

Media > Books (784)

Media > DVDs & Videos (839)

Media > Music & Sound Recordings (855)

Software > Video Game Software (1279) (includes computer games)

Additionally, for products in the above categories, you cannot JUST use the top-level category (ie Apparel & Accessories). You must extend the tree to at least what is shown above.

Mapping Every Product*

If you happen to sell products that all fit into the same base category AND your products are NOT required to have the google_product_category attribute, you can quickly apply Google Product Category to every product in your feed.

While NOT REQUIRED in select cases, adding Google Product Category can improve your data quality and provides more information to Google Shopping.

For Example:

A furniture retailer wishes to classify all products simply as 'Furniture.' Using the 'Search Google Category at the top of the Category Mapping page:

Search for category 'Furniture'

Click 'Fill All'

Finish by clicking 'Save Changes'

Note that you can always choose to extend the category tree to its furthest point as long as it matches the products you wish to apply to.

Filling All Children

If you wish to classify every product in a SPECIFIC Source Category (that which has been pulled from your store):

Choose the top-level category to work with

Use Search Google Category to find your desired setting

Click 'Fill All Children'

Finish by clicking 'Save Changes'

Filling Group-By-Group

If you wish to customize each Source Category (that which has been pulled from your store), you can do so just the same with this tool.

For example:

The same furniture retailer would rather classify specific groups of products with far more unique Google Product Categories.

Expand the Source Group you wish to work with

Fill each category individually

Once satisfied, click 'Save Changes'

You can continue down the list for every group you wish to fill.

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