Note: By default the dashboard will only display Facebook feed stats until you enable your Bing Shopping Feed or install or have already installed Google Shopping by Sales & Orders.

Feed Stats

Your basic feed stats provides a generalized count of:

  • Products In Feed: The number of products currently in your Primary Feed built by the app
  • Store Products: The total number of ¬†products last imported from your e-commerce store or file/URL
  • Approved In Feed: The number of products currently Approved for Facebook
  • Disapproved In Feed: Products with errors or issues preventing them from being eligible for Facebook Ads


A listing of your existing feeds and the processing status of said feeds.

Processing Statuses include:

  • N/A: You are operating on a pre-existing Feed and therefore our app will not have a processing status
  • Importing Products: The app is currently performing a product import from your store OR when your File/URL is fetched
  • Exporting Products: Your feed is currently being sent to Facebook and you should not perform any other actions at this time
  • Importing Account Issues: The app is currently importing account and product level diagnostics from Facebook and you should not perform any other actions at this time
  • Processed: Your feed has completed a full processing and thus was sent to Facebook and diagnostics has completed its import

Auto Send Feed (Enabled/Disabled)

Toggle this to enable or disable the automatic sending of your feed to Facebook.

Note that the app will send your feed automatically every week by default.

Send To Merchant Center

Use this button to trigger a manual fetch of your feed and send it to Facebook.

Should you ever make any changes to your feed in the app such as Adding and/or Removing products, it is recommended that you Send To Merchant Center.


Anytime you Send to Merchant Center, please allow for at least 2 hours for a full reprocessing to complete.

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