A manager account is a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising account that lets us easily view and manage multiple sub accounts, including other manager accounts, from a single location.

With our manager account Sales & Orders can use a single sign in to access all customer accounts, including other manager accounts.

When connecting your Sales & Orders account with Google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising, your account will be automatically first-position linked under our Manager Account level access respective to each platform. If you were to remove said linking while under any "free" or "non-paying" plan tier, your account will be automatically re-linked daily until you upgrade to a higher tier.

You may opt to remove Sales & Orders Manager Account access for Google and Microsoft Ads at any time, however per the above clause it will be automatically re-linked the next day under the conditions outlined. 

Google Ads Account Linking and Unlinking

Should your Google Ads account already be connected with another 3rd party's Google Manager Account, we will remove any previously existing Manager Account. Any previously existing Manager Account that was removed can be added back at any time, however with respect to the above, said Manager Account will be subsequently removed the next day until you upgrade to a higher tier.

A single account is considered under its own "unique" billing profile and a "unique" connection by way of Google OAuth2. Therefore, any 3rd party with more than one sub account would still be unlinked per the above, per each individual ("unique") sub account that is under any "free" or "non-paying" Sales & Orders plan tier.

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