Important: Your S&O account provides you the freedom to create your own strategy for driving success with Shopping campaigns. The following guide is a general suggestion from our team when managing Negative Keywords in your Shopping campaigns on a weekly basis.

Note: Keyword Performance is only available in Full Access plans $50/month and higher and can only be found in the Google Campaign Manager. You'll have to copy all your changes from Google over to Bing if you are also running campaigns on Bing.

Keyword Performance can used to find wasteful spending on terms that are not converting to sales in Google Shopping campaigns specifically. 

  • To get started, navigate to Keyword Performance in Google Campaign Manager
  • Sort the Ad Spend column in descending (highest to lowest) order
  • Note that there are other metrics you can sort by such as Bounce Rate but Ad Spend is a good place to start
  • Focus on products with high spend and zero conversions after sorting the table
  • To add any of these terms discovered by Keyword Performance, click Add Negative:
  1. Select the match type: Exact, Phrase, or Broad
  2. Select the campaign to add it to
  3. Optional: Select a specific ad group to add it to (bypasses campaign level negative keyword)
  4. Finalize your change by clicking Yes

This will add the Negative Keyword in real-time to your Google Shopping campaign or Ad Group.

Advanced Pro Tip: You can also use the Potential Negative Terms tool available in your Google Dashboard to add Negative Keywords. This tool specifically seeks out terms that have spent money but not converted. It works very much like the Keyword Performance tool in that you can click Add Negative to make your adjustments live:

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