12 Hour Feed Refresh Cycle For Integrated Platforms

  • For BigCommerce and Shopify store owners, our app was originally relying on those platforms' webhooks which is how we would import changes made to products and immediately sync with your channels
  • In order to vastly improve the fetch and send frequency of feeds from integrated ecommerce partners, we have lifted the webhook restriction and have now implemented a hard 12-hour full feed sync for any product that has been updated within the that last 12-hour window.

Products that have been updated in your store, such as when changing price, inventory, or adjusting product content will now be placed into a dedicated queue and those changes will be sent to your channels automatically.

Do note that you still have the ability to manually import products and send your feed(s) via the app which will perform a sync of all products, even those that had not been updated.

Additionally, the standard 7-day full sync remains in effect as well.

Minor Adjustments

  • A handful of backend improvements and adjustments were made to better support our new billing portal

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Our team eradicated a small swarm of pests lurking in the app
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