Note: Product Issues are stored for a limited time before you must reimport them using Import Product Issues. 

Note: Clickable Product ID is only available for BigCommerce stores (see article in Help Center)

Product Issues provide a detailed breakdown of reported errors product by product for each of your channels:

The table includes the following values which you can Filter on using the filter icon next to each column header:

  • Product ID
  • Name or Product Title
  • SKU (if available)
  • Issue: A description of the issue affecting the product
  • Attribute Name: The attribute where the issue was detected
  • Servability: Indicates if a product is eligible to advertise

Using the top right corner of the table you can:

  • Search for a specific product ID
  • Import Product Issues on the fly (stored for 4 days before requiring reimport)
  • Export the entire list of product level issues using the export icon (arrow)
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