Your S&O account allows you to customize everything about your Shopping campaign setup, including how to structure your ad groups.

To get started, click Create Campaign from either the Update Bids, Add Products, or Campaigns Tab in Campaign Manager. You'll then need to apply your basic campaign settings:

After completing all required fields, click Create Campaign if you are satisfied.

Now, the app will have created ad groups by default, however you may choose to pause these if you wish to fully customize your ad group structure.

Head over to the Ad Groups tab and look for ad groups associated with your newly created campaign labeled as "GSAPI":

Click Edit and set the ad group to Status: Paused and click Save Ad Group to finish up.

After returning to the Ad Groups main tab, click Create Ad Group to begin setting up your first custom ad group for this campaign:

Be sure to set this as enabled, and S&O Manage to ensure it is tracked properly in your account. Complete all required settings and then click Create Ad Group to finish up.

Rinse and Repeat: If you plan on creating multiple custom ad groups, simply repeat the steps above.

Now, head over to Add Products to start getting your ad groups set up with products. 

Select your campaign, and then we suggest choosing Manual Build so you can hand pick your ad groups as needed:

Keep the default filter for source, but then Edit Applied Filters to create one that will best match the products you wish to only house within this custom ad group, such as filtering for Product Title > Contains:

Scroll down to Modify Bids, and Post All to Pending based on how you wish to apply initial Max CPC Bids:

IMPORTANT: At this point, if you had created any additional ad groups, you scroll back up and select them ad group by ad group and repeat the above steps to queue up ALL changes before finalizing.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, navigate to Pending and Post All:

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