Add Products is exclusively utilized for adding products to campaigns.

When using Add Products in Sales & Orders, the app will build ID or SKU-level Shopping campaigns/ad groups, thus eliminating the need for grouping products together:

  • Campaign Creation: Replaces "Subdivision" as you would normally have to do if you were to be managing campaigns directly in Google or Bing Ads, when building Shopping campaigns from scratch
  • New Products: Allows you to add new products to campaigns where they did not originally exist, such as when you add new products to your website which are then added to your feed in Merchant Center

Just like in Update Bids, Add Products allows you to use filters to manage your product adding:

By default, Add Products filters automatically by Source = Approved and Pending products only. 

Disapproved products in Merchant Center will not be eligible for ads so they are initially filtered out from adding.

From the Filters panel, you can adjust your criteria based on your specific needs.

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