IMPORTANT: All data displayed here is in REAL-TIME. Anytime you adjust the table, perform a search, or cycle through pages - the data is being imported immediately from Analytics.

The data on the table correlates to your selected date range, and by default it will show you information from all active campaigns in your S&O account and will show you all aggregated queries. 

By clicking on the "Campaigns" drop down, you can select specific campaigns to filter on:

Click on the "Device Type" drop down to view search query data by device (desktop, tablet or mobile).

You can also search for a specific query or queries that closely match your search:

By clicking on a particular search term, you can bring up the exact products it triggered in Google Shopping:

Here, you can see exactly which products were triggered to show in Google Shopping by this search query, and even sort by device type. 

You're provided with a similar set of data as on the overall Keyword Performance page, but broken down on the individual product ID level.

If you click on the product, you'll be taken to that products individual dashboard. 

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