IMPORTANT: Although Attribution Metrics display Profit, Sales, ROAS, and Conversions - these metrics differ from those listed under your Financial and Ad Metrics. See below.

Attribution Metrics include all sales associated with your Shopping ads based on data sourced directly from Google Analytics. Attribution metrics can be incredibly useful in helping you to discover how shoppers interact with your website when conversions do not necessarily occur directly from clicks on your ads. Due to this, Attribution Data can differ greatly in comparison to your Financial Metrics and Ad Metrics.

There is one type of Attribution Interaction:

  • First Interaction: The value of a metric for which your Shopping campaigns were the first interaction in a 30-day look-back window. For example when someone clicks one of your ads, then goes to your site directly, leaves, but returns and then buys the product through organic search.

 Here is a diagram that shows some of the correlation between different attribution sources.

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