NOTE: Supplemental Feeds are only available for accounts that are not operating feeds via our app such as when installing from BigCommerce, Shopify, or setting up File/URL Feeds. 

Supplemental feeds can only be used to override data in your Google Merchant Center feed for a variety of reasons, such as updating default titles. 

The Modify Products tool can be used for "non-feed tool hosted accounts", but it is with Supplemental Feeds that you will implement your modifications.

After building any Modify Products rule:

Click on the Generate files button.  This will trigger the software to build out a hosted TXT file that you can upload into Merchant Center. It will take a couple of minutes for this action to be completed, so hold tight while the file builds. 

When the file is built, you'll see it listed on the page, and an icon to the far right to copy the URL to your clipboard. Click that icon, and head over to Merchant Center. 

To upload your file, head to your Merchant Center account and click on the "Products" tab in the column on the left hand side of the screen.

Next, click on "Feeds."

To begin the process of uploading your Supplemental Feed, find the section with the name-sake title and click Add Supplemental Feed.

Here, you'll see the different file formats available for you to input into Merchant Center and upload. Select Scheduled Fetch as the upload format and click Continue.

Next, you'll set your fetch frequency and paste your URL into the required field. This is so that if you make any other future changes Google will automatically fetch and update at your scheduled time. If you want to push a change immediately you will need to create a new file and re-upload it into Merchant Center, replacing the original.

Once you've completed filling out your fields, click continue to complete the process.

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