NOTE: Additional country feeds are premium feature requiring purchase of the feeds via the Billing portal or by contacting our team. 

Each additional feed is $5 per month. Purchasing 1 feed will only allow you to generate an additional feed for one channel. So if you are targeting one additional country in both Google and Bing you will need to purchase two feeds.

To set up an additional country feed, click Add Feed just above the Feeds panel:

Next, name your new feed and select which Channel to target:

Google: Feed currency is automatically converted in your Merchant Center account. Simply select the Country you wish to target and click Save.

Bing: Feed currency must be set within the app as Bing Merchant Center does not automatically handle conversions. (See Below)

  • Name your feed
  • Select Bing as your target
  • Select your Target Country
  • IMPORTANT: Feed Currency must be set to the currency of the target country
  • Finish up by setting Convert Price to YES and then clicking SAVE
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