Please note that the Potential Negative Terms tool is best-suited for Advanced users. Be sure to request training on this tool to gain a more in-depth understanding of how it works. Below we are covering the basics.

Potential Negative Terms is only available in the Google Dashboard and works off of the search term data imported from Google Analytics.

There are a few actionable items to note:

Clicking on the name/title of a product will take you to that product's individual performance reporting section.

Clicking on the search term that brought up that product ad will open up the Update Bids menu with a filter for product titles containing the particular key terms. From there you can make adjustments to products to improve the visibility of one versus another.

Clicking the search icon will open up a new tab to Google Shopping in Google search so you can view how your product ads behave based on the term that was used.

Add Negative
If you see a term that is definitely not ideal for your products, you can immediately add it as a negative to the campaign/ad group where that particular product is housed. 

Simply click Add Negative and use the popup window to complete your changes

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