Please note that Facebook is currently only available as part of a closed Pilot for BigCommerce stores. We expect to launch support for any ecommerce platform soon.

The main reporting dashboard allows you to view performance metrics across all channels you manage via Sales & Orders. 

It is also the primary hub whenever you access your account, and to navigate throughout the app just click on the 3-bar icon at the top left corner of the interface:

The available dashboards include:

  • Summary Dashboard: Aggregates all stats together from all channels
  • Google Dashboard: Reports solely on your Google Shopping campaigns
  • Bing Dashboard: Reports solely on your Bing Shopping campaigns
  • Facebook Dashboard: Reports solely on your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Each separate dashboard is accessible from the Dashboard menu in your account.  Simply click on the dashboard you wish to view by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the interface:

If a dashboard is locked (grayed out) it means that you have not activated the add-on yet.

All dashboards come with a few standard, out-of-the-box reporting features with only a few differences between them:

Date Range Editor

At the top right portion of the app interface you will find the dropdown for the Date Range Editor which allows you to adjust viewed metrics to show 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, or 60 days of data.

Additionally, there is an option for Custom date range. Do note that a custom range must be within the last 60-day period.

Compare Date Ranges

Based on your selected date range, you can click on Compare dates to change the dashboard view to include comparison data in all major charts and panels. This will trigger to display the different data sets and also show value and percent change in certain metrics.

Export PDF

Click this button to generate a PDF report with a snapshot of your dashboard charts and panels. This report will honor both selected date range and comparison date ranges.

Performance Chart

The performance chart is standard across all dashboards and displays select charted metrics based on date range and/or comparison ranges.

You can adjust which metrics are displayed by using the dropdown menus at the top right corner of the chart:

Financial Metrics

A static panel in all dashboards that displays aggregated financial performance stats including Profit/Loss, Sales, COGS, and Ad Spend. This panel can be altered using the date range editor and/or comparison range:

Ad Metrics

Aggregate ad metrics include 10 separate data points Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Total Products, Average CPC, Conversions, Conversion Rate, ROAS, Avg. Cost to Convert, and Avg. Conversion Value.

Feed Stats

A general overview of your aggregate product feed stats as reported by Merchant Center. Includes Total Products, Approved, Disapproved, and total Errors.

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