Note that you can queue up multiple changes and product adds across multiple campaigns for both Google and Bing.

These changes are stored in the Pending Table and the total number of pending changes are displayed in your account interface until you complete the action:

The Update Bids tool provides access to a full suite of bidding features including the Bid Suggestion Engine and Advanced Filters.

How do I exclude products?

Navigate to 'Update Bids' within 'Campaign Manager:'

  • In the first field, select the Campaign you wish to work with

OPTIONAL: Select a specific ad group to work with or leave the ad group blank to perform a campaign-wide.

By selecting a campaign the update bids tool will automatically populate with Filters and Modify Bids sections.

You can utilize Filters to further segment products within a campaign to perform bid updates on. For example:

  • Select an attribute such as 'Brand' for your Filter
  • Select your operator (Equals, Does not Equal, etc.)
  • Select the 'Brand' you wish to focus on
  • Add the Filter

This will adjust the Modify Bids view to only products matching your Filter.

Let's say you are just performing a routine, campaign-wide bids update. You have a few options as part of the Modify Bids section:

  • Exclude: Exclude products (stops ads from being delivered)

Once prepared with your changes, click 'Post All.' This will only apply exclusions as updates to the Pending table.

To complete changes you must navigate to Pending and clicking Post once more.

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