After creating a Shopping campaign for the first time, or after new products have been imported from Merchant Center, you will need to add products to the campaign(s).

Note that it will take a few moments for the campaign to be ready for Add Products. To check the status:

  • Navigate to 'Add Products' in Campaign Manager
  • Open the dropdown to find your newly created campaign

Continue to refresh your browser until it has been synced.

Sales & Orders will automatically create the number of ad groups required to house your products and to note:

Sales & Orders automatically sets a filter for all products you currently have in Merchant Center. This will allow all products to be built in the campaign at the ID-level.

Scroll down to the Modify bids section:

By default, we are showing all products ready to be added to your new campaign. We recommend 'Use suggested' so initial Max CPC bids are optimized right from the start.

  • Click the red 'Post All' button to send to Pending

From Pending all you'll need to do is click 'Post All' once more and approve to send.

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