Note that Campaign Creation is only accessible if your account is properly authenticated to Google and can only be completed if you have imported products from Merchant Center.

To access the Campaign Creation Wizard navigate to Campaign Manager and Click Create Campaign on any available page (ie Campaigns)

Complete all required fields such as:

  • Campaign Name
  • Status
  • Country of Sale
  • Shopping Settings
  • Location Targeting/Exclusion
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Default Bid
  • Budget
  • Delivery Method

Note that some fields have been filled in by default however they can still be adjusted anytime you create a new Shopping campaign.

Additionally, there are a few optional fields and some best practices to consider:

  • Priority: This setting dictates how more than one Shopping campaign delivers ads. Primary campaigns should be set to Medium while specialty campaigns should be set to High.
  • Local Inventory Ads: This is a specialty program in Google which most retailers will not be able to access. As a general rule, leave this as the default 'Disable'
  • Search Partners: It is recommended to set this to 'Yes' as it allows your Shopping ads to appear on other Google search properties include the Image tab and YouTube.
  • Advanced Location Options: Specifies more broad or stringent targeting criteria for locations
  • Proximity Targeting: Completely optional yet can be helpful for businesses with localized presence or brick and mortar operations.

Note that you can expand the Device Settings window to adjust device-level bid modifiers.

Although there are options for Bidding Strategy, it is highly recommended to keep the setting at 'Manual CPC' due to the Bid Suggestion Engine.

You should, for any campaign, always maintain the Accelerated Delivery Method.

Once all required fields have been satisfied, click 'Create Campaign' at the bottom of the page.


Your Shopping campaign is now being built in, but we now need to add products to that campaign.

Note that it will take a few moments for the campaign to be ready for Add Products. To check the status:

  • Navigate to 'Add Products' in Campaign Manager
  • Open the dropdown to find your newly created campaign

Continue to refresh your browser until it has been synced.

Sales & Orders will automatically create the number of ad groups required to house your products and to note:

Sales & Orders automatically sets a filter for all products you currently have in Merchant Center. This will allow all products to be built in the campaign at the ID-level.

Scroll down to the Modify bids section:

By default, we are showing all products ready to be added to your new campaign. We recommend 'Use suggested' so initial Max CPC bids are optimized right from the start.

  • Click the red 'Post All' button to send to Pending

From Pending all you'll need to do is click 'Post All' once more and approve to send.

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