Note that you MUST HAVE at least one campaign built or synced with your account to build and attach any new ad group.

Navigate to Campaign Manager and select 'Create Ad Group' from either the Update Bids, Add Products, or Ad Groups Tab.

Select a campaign and then complete all required settings and note:

We recommend the S&O Manage option to ensure optimized use.

Once complete click 'Create Ad Group.'

You will now need to add products to your ad group! Keep Reading!

Return to Campaign Manager and to Add Products:

  • Select the Campaign you built your ad group for
  • Switch to 'Manual Build'
  • Select your "Custom Ad Group"

From here you can use Filters to segment a custom set of products to add to your new ad group. For example:

  • Filter a specific brand
  • Scroll down to Modify Bids
  • Select Post All

This will send your adds to the Pending table. Navigate to pending and Post All once more to complete your ad group creation.

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