The Campaigns tab has two primary components: Performance Chart and Campaign List. Additionally, you may also access the Campaign Creation wizard from here as well.

Import Campaigns will trigger a full sync between your Sales & Orders account and AdWords account but only imports Google Shopping campaigns, ad groups, and data.

Just as with the main dashboard you can also Export a PDF Report and Compare set date ranges. The performance chart can be adjusted the same ways your Primary Reporting Dashboard can with both the Date Range Editor and Metric Dropdowns.

Note that the chart shows data for all imported and tracked Shopping campaigns combined and based on your selected date range.

Your Campaign List table also adjusts based on your selected date range and provides overall performance metrics at the campaign-level.

There are four, additional functions you may utilize:

  • Actions: Allows you to edit settings on individual campaigns
  • Segment: Toggle to show either Device or Network data segments in the table
  • Hide Paused: Don't display paused Shopping campaigns
  • Hide Inoperable: Don't display untracked Shopping campaigns
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