After purchasing an upgrade, our team is able to activate it for your account most readily during regular office hours 9am-5pm EST US.

If purchasing outside normal office hours, upgrade activation may be delayed (ie Weekends up to 48hrs).

After purchasing an upgrade during regular office hours, you may contact us via Live Chat to confirm the status of your add-on activation.

In-App Upgrades

There are various in-app accessible add-ons for the feed tool, regardless of which platform your site is built on.

Please see for billing portal access to all main feed tool add-ons.

Please see for our Bing Launch package special.

You can also check out Help Center articles on all available upgrades.

Premium Plans & Services

If you are interested in Full Platform Access or Managed Services please see either of the following for detailed pricing:

Additionally you can contact our team directly via Live Chat or:

Email: | Phone (888) 538-4594 | Request a Demo

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